We offer strategic consulting services in areas related to sustainable management practice, philanthropy advisory and base of the pyramid investing.


Organizations that are driven by responsible and sustainable management are committed to enhancing economic, as well as environmental, social and governance performance. These practices are essential to all institutions whether it is the private sector, civil society or the public sector.


To name a few, we have seen how responsible management approaches can

üImprove decision making through transparent and accountable management frameworks
üEnhance awareness and alignment with priorities of stakeholders
üAllow for the early detection and mitigation of risks
üProvide financially sustainable models of operation 
üSave costs from energy efficiency and waste reduction
üUpgrade the value chain to establish more inclusive operations
üEnhance an organization’s reputation, brand value and competitiveness
üCreate win-win scenarios for the organization and its stakeholders


There is no single, unified blue print for sustainability management; different issues require a variety of approaches and solutions. Within each of the below categories, there is a strong focus on accommodating our approach to suit each organization's structure, utilizing its strengths and addressing its needs:

Sustainability Management

Conducting in-depth diagnostic reviews to support your organization strategically plan for the integration of sustainable practices within its operations. Reviews are conducted in coordination with relevant focal points to identify sustainability strengths, weaknesses, goals and needed actions to enhance the integration of sustainability within your organization.
We dig deep into your organization and recommend ways you can improve in order to grow and last longer.

Establishing internal systems and processes that ensure the strategic management of your organization’s sustainability performance. Developing a sustainability management system includes setting internal Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), developing monitoring tools, and creating channels for communication between different levels of management on your organization’s sustainability performance.
We strategize with your organization’s key executives to develop action plans that achieve best results.

Enhancing your governance model and structure to meet global standards of performance. 
We help your organization become more strategic, transparent and accountable.

Working with you on identifying your stakeholders, their needs and concerns, as well as mechanisms to capture their feedback; all of which leads to the creation of a systematic feedback loop between your organization and its stakeholders.
We get you to interact with the people that affect and are affected by your organization on a one-on-one basis.

Supporting your organization develop communication reports that orient your stakeholders on both financial and non-financial aspects of your performance. We use a comprehensive reporting framework that encompasses international reporting guidelines and benchmarks as a primary reference; including the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) 3.1 guidelines and its sector supplements. 
We help you capture and report on your sustainability performance.

Compliance Audits & Benchmarking

Working with your organization to assess current systems and policies for managing and organizing its workforce and, benchmark them against globally defined standards; including Social Accountability 8000, Ethical Trading Initiative, among several others.
We enable you to manage your workforce efficiently and ethically.

Setting and/or enhancing your internal policies, review systems, and communication channels to boost your institution’s transparency and ability to handle and prevent anti-corruption incidents.
We support your organization in becoming more transparent and less susceptible to corruption.

Tool Design & Internal Review/Audit: Working with your institution on identifying suitable standards, benchmarks and management tools to develop internal social compliance systems and perform internal compliance reviews. Supply & Value Chain Audit & Review: Auditing your supply and value chains against defined buyer-driven audits or global and national standards and benchmarks.
We examine and enhance your organization’s internal social performance.

Mapping and evaluating your organization’s environmental footprint as well as setting and/or enhancing relevant prevention and mitigation mechanisms to manage environmental impact.
We support you in becoming more environmentally friendly.

Assessing and reporting on your organization’s carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions.
We support your organization in becoming more carbon-neutral, and communicating its efforts to the public.

Social Investments & Community Engagement

Developing strategic community engagement and social investment programs that are impact oriented, aligned with your institution’s mandate, and aligned with the priorities of your stakeholders.
Whether you’re a non-profit, for-profit or public sector institution, we help you design strategic investments that are aligned with your organization’s mandate and with local priorities.

Designing internal Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) tools, as well as conducting comprehensive impact assessments and external program evaluations.
We track and measure the success of your organization’s social investments in order to ensure continuous improvement.

Non Profit Management & Philanthropy Advisory

All responsible management strategic consulting services listed in this section are applicable to and can be tailored to meet the needs of nonprofits across the board. A few examples of how ATC’s strategic consulting services are tailored to non-profits are:

  • Advisory on the establishment of sustainable non-profit and philanthropic organizations that are founded on the principles of financial viability, achieving social impact, transparency and accountability. 
  • Advising non-profit and philanthropic organizations on how to devise social investment programs that meet local priorities and achieve impact. 
  • Providing non-profit organizations with appropriate tools and models to enhance their management systems and processes in a way that is financially sustainable, builds partnerships and enhances social impact.
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