Our operating structure and leadership say a great deal about who we are:

ATC applies a unique governance and management system that upholds the competitive nature of a profit-making entity combined with the value commitment of a nonprofit entity.

While we are registered as a for-profit limited liability company, our board of directors are fully independent and do not derive any economic benefit from the firm.

All profits will be used to further contribute to creating more sustainable societies as opposed to being distributed among shareholders.

Our governance structure is comprised of the following:

Board of Directors (BOD): Under a clear mission-driven approach, the BOD is the central body steering ATC towards fulfilling its mission. The BOD is composed of renowned chairmen, public sector and civil society figures, all well-reputed regional models of success, commitment and integrity. The BOD meets twice a year and a dedicated Chairman’s post is rotated on an annual basis.

Advisory Board (AB): The AB is composed of a group of highly qualified technical and management experts, as well as key stakeholder representatives. The Advisory Board provides ATC founding partners with periodic technical support and meets biannually.

Management Committee (MC): Set to discuss the day-to-day management issues at ATC, the MC also raises their proposals, suggestions, and concerns to the BOD and AB. The MC will be composed of founding as well as, senior partners at ATC.

Audit Committee (AC): The AC conducts the audit functions for ATC’s financial and non-financial performance on a bi-yearly basis. The committee’s findings are raised to the board following each meeting. The AC is composed of a union of BOD and AB members, in addition to the internal auditor.

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