Dina Sherif is committed to building sustainable societies through the application of a more ‘conscious’ form of capitalism. She cofounded ATC together with Mohamed El-Kalla in 2012 to further that goal. As CEO of ATC, Dina is responsible for business strategy and business development, as well as overseeing all research-related activities within the firm. Dina also serves as an Advisor to the President of Egypt on economic development and is currently an Associate Professor of Practice, holding the endowed Willard Brown Chair for International Business at The American University in Cairo, where she is also Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship. Dina comes from a background in economic development, strategic philanthropy and civil society development. She is the lead author of several key publications such as the book ‘From Charity to Social Change: Trends in Arab Philanthropy’, as well as several seminal reports, including a 7-country study on trends in responsible business practice in the Arab region and the 2016 UNDP Business Solutions Report.

Dina is also an angel investor with a specific focus on healthcare businesses and is an avid supporter of civil society, previously serving as the Chair of the Board for the Arab Foundations Forum and currently a member of the board of EducateMe and Ruwwad, both based in Egypt, in addition to Jordan-based Nakhweh. Moreover, she was recently recognized as a UN Global Compact Local SDG Pioneer for her work on social entrepreneurship, as part of an inaugural class of only 10 sustainable development leaders from across the globe. Dina further is an Eisenhower Fellow as part of the 2015 Women's Leadership Program, in 2016 was awarded Egypt's 'Best Woman Entrepreneur' by the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt, and was named one of Trust America's top 100 thought leaders on responsible business practice in Europe and the Middle East.





With extensive experience in sustainable and inclusive business, Mohamed El-Kalla cofounded ATC with Dina Sherif in 2012 based on the conviction that private sector engagement is a core element in driving forward sustainable development. At ATC, he leverages his in-depth experience in private sector sustainable development; educational, Base of the Pyramid (BoP) and inclusive investments; corporate governance; as well as corporate responsibility and sustainability. In addition to his work at ATC, Mohamed is an entrepreneur himself and acts as the Managing Director of Cairo for Investment and Development (CIRA), currently Egypt’s biggest investor in the area of private education. Mohamed’s career began at the UNHCR, moving on to UNV, UNRC, and UNDP where he supported the foundation of the UN Global Compact Network in Egypt and other countries around the MENA region. He has been responsible for the creation and management of more than 60 developmental projects and partnerships. Many of these projects involved the private sector, civil society and the government sector, including the setup of the Egyptian Corporate Responsibility Center and the Center for Transparency at the Egyptian Ministry of Investment.

Mohamed is the Chair of the Corporate Responsibility Committee at the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt, which includes the country’s leading players in corporate sustainability. He has co-authored and supported the formulation of various sustainability related publications; among these are the UNDP 2007 and 2016 Business Solutions for Human Development Report, the Guide to Corporate Volunteerism, the Egyptian BoP Market (as part of a global working group for the Growing Inclusive Markets Report), and over 20 sustainability reports for leading companies and multinationals in the region. In addition, Mohamed has trained on the topics of BoP inclusion, corporate responsibility and sustainability in more than 25 countries through a range of forums and networks.

Walid Nagi




With an extensive knowledge in the Private Sector Sustainability, Walid Nagi took an active part in co-founding ATC in 2012.

Walid has more than 20 years of work experience in the private sector in Egypt and in the United Nations in New York. Over the years, he has built himself a solid practice and understanding in the fields of sustainability, governance, marketing, corporate communication, and Social Development.

Walid started his career 1993 in the Marketing field and moved in the hierarchy to reach the position of Group Brand Manager in 2000. In 2002, building on his experience, he moved to head Corporate Affairs at Mansour Group and was requested to build the group’s CSR and corporate communication strategies ever since.  As of August 2010, Walid has moved to the United Nations Global Compact Office in New York in his capacity as the Regional Network Manager for Europe and MENA. In 2013, Walid became the Chief of the Local Networks and as of end of 2014, he also became the New York Executive for the UN Global Compact Cities Programme to ensure that the sustainable cities are an integral part of sustainability.

Over the years, Walid has built a strong network based governance model for the local networks including a clear progression model for growth and sustainability and also set a solid vetting process when launching new ones. He has also managed to put emphasis on inter countries and regional collaboration especially with the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Walid supported the launch of a comprehensive SDG local action plan implementation guide which supports the businesses in understanding their vital role in their contributions to the implementation of the SDGs.

Walid is a graduate of the American University in Cairo with a BA in Economics and currently residing in New York expanding the work and the network of ATC at the global level. He also advises several start-ups in New York on matters related to compliance and shared values creation. 

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